“Skyward Imaging LLC is fully insured against injury and damage with every flight”

Flight Safety

Safety for aerial drone flights is our number one priority. All of our pilots have passed the FAA-approved exams and hold UAS Pilot Certificates issued by the FAA. The FAA regulations are very detailed but we are able to help you through the process of making an aerial shoot both legal and safe. We do a detailed pre-flight survey with location check that includes airspace restrictions, nearby airports and no-fly zones to see if there are any flight restrictions we need to be aware of. Each aerial photography job is risk assessed on an individual basis in accordance with our safety operations manual.  We include cordons, clearly marked landing area, and ground safety personnel.  All aircraft are fitted with “return to home” safety features. An operations plan for each job is written and checked before any flights are undertaken. On the day the pilot has the final say when determining if flying conditions and the location can be “deemed safe”.