Our Liability Coverage

Skyward Imaging carries liability insurance of $1M on every flight conducted by us. All of our aerial equipment is covered too. If you’d like us to fly a specific bit of equipment speak to us about your options to get covered before your scheduled flight.

Great News! Our insurance is flexible. We can easily upgrade our liability insurance all the way up to $10M. Please let us know what you need and we will get it covered.

Adding you as our client (whether a person or a company) as an additional insured will allow you or your company to get the same liability coverage under our policy. We can simply add “additional insured” in the Insurance Details anytime before your scheduled flight. Please keep in mind that insurance policy changes after you recieve a quote may cause additional charges. Please contact us for your insurance needs prior to scheduling any flight.

Our insurance policy provides liability coverage including:

    • Bodily Injury
    • Property Damage
    • Personal Injuries and invasion of privacy claims

all up to the liability limit chosen.

In addition, our Liability Insurance covers Medical Expenses for up to $500