Skyward Imaging is an aerial imaging company providing Drone Photography and Drone Videography services by FAA Certified Pilots using Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones).

Our services include:

  • Building and site surveys
  • Agriculture Surveys and Crop Health Reporting
  • High-quality imaging for Infrastructure
  • Tailored Drone Photography and Drone Videography services for various industries including television, film, and advertising
  • Unique recordings for events, weddings, and ceremonies

We provide a cost-effective, bespoke service that are tailored to our client’s needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Why Skyward Imaging?

Skyward Imaging is fully dedicated to providing you with the best possible service that is second to none. Our operators are highly qualified professionals and all hold the necessary FAA certifications to provide you with great aerial imaging services.

  • Our state of the art equipment ensures you get the best results from our services.
  • We are continually reviewing our processes to ensure all our operators are aware and abide by the latest FAA Rules and Regulations.
  • We ensure that we get to know our clients personally in order to fully meet their requirements on every shoot and tailor our services to provide a service which is as individual as our clients are.

Every client has a dedicated and secure web portal through which they can access and download all their videos, photographs, reports and invoices from Kingfisher APS ensuring a quick and easy turnaround. Client portals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you will always be able to view your products online wherever you may be. This means that our clients not only save time but also costs related to the storage of files.


Safety is an important aspect of all our operations and one that is taken very seriously by the Skyward Imaging crew. Every operation is assessed and evaluated with great detail. If our crew does not feel that the operation is safe, we maintain the right to postpone the service until a later date or until the problem(s) are rectified.

FAILSAFE: Our UAS has built in failsafe procedures to ensure that the system is as safe as possible during operation. These procedures include a return home function which directs the UAS back to the takeoff location during signal interference and transmitter failure. The system will also land itself if the battery pack discharges to a certain value. The return home function can be activated at the crew's command in case of emergency.

Our Mission

We want to find creative applications for drones that not only drive the industry forward but also help our clients to become more efficient, more inventive and more competitive than all others. Whether it’s working with search and rescue, agriculture, surveillance, cinematic or any other industry-Skyward Imaging offers a valuable new perspective, by solving complex problems with modern solutions.

Who are our services for?

Skyward Imaging provides services to sectors such as television and film, industrial surveys, land use planning, environmental planning, location promotion (such as golf course and hotels), time lapse changes, marketing and event photography (such as weddings, corporate events, and opening ceremonies).

We also provide services in the building and construction industries. We work with all types of service providers from developers and contractors to property and facility managers and chartered surveyors.  Whether you are a developer, estate agent or involved in the real estate profession in any way we are able to provide you with a high-quality, low-cost service which will not only meet your immediate need but will provide you with valuable resources which could add additional value to your business.

No matter what your project, Skyward Imaging will be able to suggest a service that is suitable for you and may be able to suggest solutions that you have not yet considered. We can also recommend other contractors and suppliers for almost any other service you may require using our network of connections.

Skyward Imaging is more than willing to travel to your location. If we know of any suitable UAS operators in your area that we can recommend we will be able to put you in direct contact with them. Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to provide any advice we can.

Quote Requirements

What we’ll need from you:
  • Project Location – Skyward Imaging will need the exact location (longitude and latitude work best) to conduct a pre-site survey before the service can be undertaken.
  • Project Timing & Deadlines – As all our services are completely dependent on the weather, it is important to ensure we are fully aware of deadlines as well as times that are appropriate for us to conduct our service.
  • Landowners Permission – Landowners and/or relevant authorities permission to ensure all personnel involved are fully informed during all aspects of the project. Skyward Imaging can provide all releases needed to get the job done right.
  • Service You Require – What service do you require? Skyward Imaging will need a brief explanation of the application at hand as well as your desired specification.
  • Additional Services – Allow Skyward Imaging to aid in the post production of your media, we can effectively enhance video and photography quality as well as construct professional HD videos.



The use of UAV’s has changed the way we collect and manage data. It has become safer, faster and more efficient, whether you are developing land, building a bridge, manage a construction site or repair tall buildings and towers or need information about an area that would otherwise be unreachable or unsafe to do. We are able to collect geo-referenced high-resolution images of your project in a means that may otherwise inhibit, isolate and shut down works in that area.

Reduce future inspection costs and help improve preventative maintenance scheduling and inspections.

You are then free to go through your project no matter where it is from the comfort of your office at your convenience. And not only do you have that data to then measure and asses you have a permanent archival record of your project over time.


  • Mobile phone tower inspection, and line of sight determination
  • Solar farm and roof solar panel inspection
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Wind Turbine blade and tower inspections
  • Dam wall condition monitoring
  • Rock face condition and analysis
  • Power line and tower inspection
  • Building facade and roof inspections
  • Project construction time-lapse photography
  • Extreme weather event insurance analysis
  • Heritage structures for condition assessment or post-maintenance validation

Property professionals are starting to grasp the benefits of using UAV drones to film or photograph their properties. Certainly, with residential real estate, commercial real estate, retail parks and leisure outlets where the operation of drones is less restricted in the congested urban locations, Drones are an ideal tool to film and photograph with.

There are many reasons and benefits of using drones including:

  • Drones can be placed or flown anywhereunlike aerial masts which are limited to driveways and can only reach a certain height.
  • Drones can film – as opposed to just providing aerial stills. A “movie” especially when set to music can be a highly emotive tool for showing the beauty of any property and its grounds.
  • Filming with drones provides great perspective and a sense of space – these details are very important when marketing a country estate for example with an abundance of beautiful property to show off.

Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, and Owners need to use the best tools possible to showcase their property. With the huge increase of mobile devices with broadband connections, online video is one of the best forms of media to engage buyers, renters, and customers.

Drone use is novel. We find that many viewers of our films enjoy the footage from an entertainment point of view and very much enjoy seeing real estate from a bird’s eye perspective. These videos have the ability to be more viral as viewers are more likely to share on social media than when there are still photographs or ground based footage.

Drone use is very cost effective. With filming packages starting at $249 it can be money very well spent. Being much cheaper than a helicopter and far more intimate, drones can fly very close to building capturing detail in a dramatic way.


Skyward Imaging can provide High-Resolution aerial photographs and/or videos of every stage of a construction project. Have some piece of mind with our experienced FAA Certified pilots documenting your construction sites from planning stage right through to completion. In our experience, aerial images give construction contractors that unique advantage without the restrictive expense of using conventional manned aircraft.

What are the benefits?

  • Safest method for capturing survey data
  • Cost effective
  • High accuracy- single point of truth and reference
  • No delays from interfering with ground work

Streamline work across your site by collecting data about every aspect and being able to calculate, measure and inspect progress, safety concerns and volume calculations from your office, anytime you require.

Skyward Imaging not only has the imaging equipment required to carry out surveys but is highly skilled in GIS and remote sensing so that we can offer a full survey and mapping service as well as Ultra-High Definition photography and video solution. Ground-based survey techniques are well established within the construction industry, however, UAV-mounted tools are an excellent complementary source of information. There are a number of key advantages to using UAVs to gather data.

  • UAVs are quick to mobilize and can survey areas that are difficult to reach on foot
  • Surveys can be carried out quickly and deliver highly accurate data
  • UAVs are a highly cost effective solution

Data from Skyward Imaging can be supplied in a variety of ways such as mesh, point & vector-based formats. At the planning stage from the data gathered Skyward Imaging can use photogrammetry to generate digital surface models as well as 3-D visualizations and photo-realistic models.

Skyward Imaging can use our aerial platforms to provide vital information to insurance companies for claims, documentation, and inspections. Using our drones we can map out an entire area using our 3D Mapping technology or provide UHD 4k aerial footage to document the severity of a flood, earthquake landslide or any other kind of disaster. Whatever the case is, we can help.

When insurance adjusters investigate a claim, it can be difficult and even hazardous for them to gather evidence. Gaining access the roof of a house fire, photographing the aftermath of a tornado, or inspecting the site of a landslide can all prove hazardous. We are here to help keep you safe.

Our UAVs are remotely piloted, so there’s no need for the insurance adjuster to take any risks with his or her personal safety. Drones can take aerial photos or videos of a property or an area that may be difficult using conventional methods. In the hands of a skilled and FAA Certified pilot, UAVs can get up close and take detailed photographs of nearly any damage.

For roof insurance claim inspections more insurance companies are choosing Skyward Imaging for their roof inspection instead of risking climbing on a roof like this. 

The united States Infrastructure is a mess and Skyward Imaging aims to help fix the problem. With our services, we can provide technical analysis and imaging services to assist our local government in planning, inspections, mapping, and so much more.

Our services can help with

  • Police & Forensics
  • Fire Department
  • Mapping & Zoning
  • Project Planning
  • Road Construction
  • Property Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • And Many other Infrastructure needs

All while providing an enhanced level of safety and effectiveness by reaching hard to access areas that are potentially hazardous for human intervention.

  • Provide survey coverage for all open pit and underground mining activities
  • Employ experienced Mine Surveyors and Survey Technicians available for short or long term placement
  • Provide audits to add value to existing on-site surveying procedures
  • Access to the latest surveying technology enables us to deliver the highest quality survey solutions to your project
  • Experience from an extensive and diverse range of projects mean we can deliver the most effective solutions and workflows, allowing production to reach its full potential
  • Safely track the progress of your project
  • Capture vast amounts of survey data and imagery over complex and large projects in a short period of time, ideal for reporting of quantities and conformance
  • Provides the best solution from a few hectares to hundreds of square kilometers
  • Surveying, mapping, volumes
  • Orthophotography
  • Visualization and simulation
  • Environmental and coastal monitoring
  • Land and vegetation classification (NDVI)
  • Visual inspection

Through the use UAV photogrammetry and lidar mapping, there are many products which can be extracted from the aerial imagery.  Products like surface models, Orthophoto’s, 3D Building Models, Contour Maps, Planimetric features, and Volumetric Surveys.

Here are some of the best uses of lidar and photogrammetry.  All of these sectors benefit in having precision 3D images of their projects.  They also benefit with increased efficiency and reduced costs than using traditional aircraft.

  • Forestry Management and Planning
  • Flood Modelling
  • Pollution Modelling
  • Mapping and Cartography
  • Urban Planning
  • Transport Planning
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Quarries and Minerals (Volumetrics and Exploration)
  • Archaeology
  • Cellular Network Planning


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For generations, farmers have walked their fields investigating crops manually for signs of stress or disease. This traditional, labor intensive method is time-consuming and can be difficult when crop canopies thicken. With Skyward Imaging’s services, farmers are able to evaluate their crops at scale while simultaneously creating crop maps that help them manage crops and time better. The equipment we use here at Skyward Imaging boast’s industry leading flight times. Equipped with 12-megapixel cameras and up to 4K video, they capture clear, detailed images that are essential for analysis. Aerial thermal imaging has also become an important tool for crop management. It is a non-invasive way to monitor nurseries and greenhouses and even detect plant diseases. Using our services, all of this important data can be easily captured.

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Fresh water is one of our most precious resources, with farms worldwide constantly looking to optimize their use of water. Both too much and too little affect productivity, meaning detailed tracking and monitoring is required. Large growers today often have many fields spread out across an entire region. These rely on the use of multiple irrigation pivots to water crops. Once crops such as corn begin reaching certain heights, mid-season inspections of the irrigation equipment that delivers much-needed water can become more difficult. With our thermal capabilities, irrigation and water pooling can be managed more efficiently. Powered by FLIR’s industry leading Tau 2 thermal camera, our UAV (Drone) gives growers a detailed understanding of the state of their lands, giving them fundamental insights that lead to better decision making.

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Agronomists draw from a number of different sciences to address pressing issues, including producing food, creating healthier food, managing the environmental impact of agriculture, and extracting energy from plants. Whether they specialize in crop rotation, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, plant physiology, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control, or insect and pest control, agronomists rely on a host of plant and environmental data. Skyward Imaging’s aerial camera platforms can carry a powerful combination of infrared and visual cameras to create a view of crops that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This highlights differences between healthy and distressed plants and allows for rapid action where necessary. Our UAV’s (Drones) can also survey a crop every week, every day, or even every hour. Compiling this information into a time-lapse animation can highlight changes in the crop, revealing trouble spots or opportunities for better crop management. Skyward Imaging’s agricultural UAV has been upgraded with a D-RTK GNSS system for centimeter level hovering accuracy.

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All farms rely on a number of plant protection and fertilization methods to maintain crop health and yields. For decades, farmers have either relied on labor-intensive manual spraying or hired crop dusters to spray fields too large for manual labor. Neither option is an ideal one as manual spraying is time intensive while crop dusters costly. The equipment used by Skyward Imaging is an agricultural octocopter designed to increase efficiency and manageability in plant protection and fertilization. One single UAS (Drone) can carry 10kg of fluid and cover 10 acres (4 hectares) in a single flight. This is much faster than manual spraying. We use industry standard ceramic nozzles that can be swapped out if necessary for different spray requirements. Using Skyward Imaging, modern farms now have a new tool for spraying that saves on labor while maximizing coverage.

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Contact Us

Please fill out this form to get your reasonable price quote started online. We are a professional company and will get in touch with you personally to go over details of the service(s) you require to complete your project on time and with satisfaction.